Do You Know About The San Diego Incentive Program?

At the Morena Business Association we are always looking for great Business Resources that can benefit our local community. The city of San Diego has several resources that are quite useful and can be found on there website. Check them out below.


Business Incentive Program

In August 2018, the City of San Diego Economic Development Department updated its Business Incentive Program to encourage inclusive economic growth through the expansion, attraction and retention of small and mid-sized firms in San Diego's base-sector economy.

A base-sector company is a firm that produces goods and/or services that are customarily sold and consumed outside the County of San Diego. A key characteristic of a base-sector firm is its ability to move a significant portion or all of its operations to another region without suffering a negative impact on the firm's revenue or customer base. Only base-sector firms qualify for this new incentive program. (If a firm supplies goods and services primarily consumed locally, it is likely not a base-sector sector firm.)

Our department is committed to serving our homegrown businesses, from the solopreneur to the startup to the small business to the corporate headquarters. Please contact us to learn more about the new Business Incentive Program or our many other programs designed to help businesses thrive in the City of San Diego.

How It Works

Relocating or Expanding Your Business in the City?

To familiarize entrepreneurs with the zoning and permitting processes before they sign a lease or select a location, the City's Economic Development Department offers its award-winning Open Counter Online Business Portal. Find potential locations depending on business type and learn which permits and fees could be required.

Available 24/7, OpenCounter will save you time and money and help you make a more informed business decision.