The City Council voted unanimously to move forward with Phase 1 of the Pure Water Program

The City is looking for AT LEAST one Morena District Business to participate in the Working Group meeting's & reach out to the Community.  If you are interested or know of anyone interested, please email directly.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dear Community Members:

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On April 10, 2018, the City Council voted unanimously to move forward with Phase 1 of the Pure Water Program by certifying the Pure Water San Diego North City Project Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) and approving two construction management contracts for the Phase 1 projects. Phase 1 of the Pure Water Program is comprised of several projects that will purify recycled water to produce 30 million gallons per day of high-quality purified water starting in 2021, reducing the City’s dependence on imported water.
As part of the approval, the City Council directed the Public Utilities Department to create project area Working Groups with the mission to provide informed input and feedback regarding opportunities to avoid, minimize or mitigate potential construction impacts and assist the City with implementing the conditions that are part of the approved site development permit. The Working Groups are not being established to reopen issues addressed in the adopted EIR/EIS approved by City Council or to consider alternative alignments. Four Working Groups are currently being convened, one for each of the major construction segments: 1) Bay Park/Morena, 2) Clairemont, 3) University City, and 4) Scripps Ranch/Miramar.
The Pure Water Phase 1 project that will be located within Bay Park and Morena is the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines project. The project is comprised of a wastewater pump station, two 10.7-mile wastewater pipelines and two 3.5-mile water pipelines. The pump station and pipelines will be constructed in phases between 2019 and 2021. The wastewater pump station will be built at the intersection of Sherman Street and Custer Street, near Morena Boulevard. One pipeline will transport wastewater to the North City Water Reclamation Plant on Eastgate Mall, near Interstate 805 and Miramar Road, for treatment to meet both recycled water and Pure Water needs. The other wastewater pipeline will transport salts and contaminants removed during the purification process to the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant. The segment of the wastewater pipelines in Bay Park and Morena will start at Sherman Street, follow Morena Boulevard to West Morena Boulevard, and continue along Jellett Street and Denver Street to Clairemont Drive. This project will also include the construction of two 3.5-mile water pipelines that will run parallel to wastewater pipelines on West Morena Boulevard and Morena Boulevard. A map of the pump station location and pipeline alignments is attached to this document and can be viewed online at
The Working Group meetings will convene in late June and are anticipated to conclude in August 2018. Up to four meetings will take place for the Bay Park/Morena Working Group on the following tentative dates:

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Working Group members are asked to commit to attending all scheduled meetings. Members of the Working Group will be asked to follow these Principles of Participation:
Become familiar with the Pure Water Program and how it fits into the larger regional water supply program;

  • Become familiar with North City Phase 1 projects, specifically the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines, and the City’s plan for construction;
  • Ensure the community concerns regarding the construction of the North City Phase 1 projects, and specifically the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines, are identified and understood by the City;
  • Propose ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate concerns associated with the construction and operation of the North City Phase 1 projects, specifically the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines, and implement the conditions set forth in the approved site development permit;
  • Read all agenda and background materials distributed prior to the meetings by the project team.

Each Working Group will be made up of 12-15 participants. To ensure representation from a wide range of perspectives in the community as well as consistent attendance at meetings, interested participants are being sought based upon the following criteria:

  • Willingness to work cooperatively with the City and other Working Group members;
  • Demonstrated ability to present the perspective of an organization or constituency concerned with issues related to the construction of the approved North City Phase 1 projects, specifically the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines;
  • Commitment to the Mission and Principles of Participation;
  • Commitment to attending all scheduled Working Group meetings;
  • Located within or near the Morena Pump Station and Pipelines project area in Bay Park or Morena (this includes, but is not limited to, residents, businesses, schools, community and business associations, civic organizations, and recreational and environmental groups). 

Every Working Group member is asked to report back to his or her respective constituency to keep them aware of the Group’s discussions and the opportunities to avoid, minimize or mitigate the issues that have been identified. If you are interested in joining the Working Group being convened for Bay Park and Morena, please email  On the email please indicate you are interested in joining the Bay Park/Morena Working Group, and provide the address of your residence or business, along with a phone number you can be reached at. 
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